Thrilltone Silex


Price: 229,00€

No coloration, no saturation… Just 26dB of pure gain…

Thrilltone Silex is a Clean Boost whose gain level may be adjusted with the foot through a roller.Thanks to patent pending Cellular Clipping™ technology, Silex is the most transparent clean boost that you could imagine. Unlike alternative technologies, such as clean boost based on JFET, Silex brings absolutely no coloration to your sound, so that, adjusted to a minimum, it behaves exactly like a buffer. Then plug Silex directly into your amp or into the drive section of your pedalboard, and adjust in real time the gain level of your gear !

Play with the feets

Thanks to its roller, the Silex gain can be adjusted on the fly as you would do with an expression pedal. Its knurled surface gives it a high level of grip which allows easy handling at the foot. In order to know at any time the position of the roller, a helical groove has been added. The position of the groove on the scale of the enclosure shows you the gain level of the pedal.

Listen to the silence…

Silex has a very high quality electronics, carefully selected so that no background noise is noticeable, even on high gain amps.

A configurable switching system, combining both the silence of the buffered bypass and the transparency of the relay bypass, ensures that no switching noise will be perceptible at the change of state of the pedal. Two switching modes are available.

  • The first mode offers buffered switching, which guarantees the smoothest and therefore the quietest switching. In this mode, when the pedal is off, it behaves exactly like a buffer.
  • The second mode offers a complementary true bypass relay switching, which then physically links the input of the pedal to its output when the pedal is disabled.

An internal DIP switch allows you to select the desired switching mode.
When the pedal is not powered, the input of the pedal is directly connected to its output (true bypass)

Use the roller with confidence…

Silex has a soft switch to engage and disengage the effect. By using the roller, or by activating the neighboring pedals, there may be a risk of inadvertently pressing the Silex switch and thus switching the effect, potentially at the worst moment… For users who want to make sure that in no case the Silex will be switched accidentally, Silex may be configured in double-click mode through an internal setting. In that mode, it will be then necessary to press quickly twice on the soft switch to engage or disengage the effect, which usally never accidentally occurs, for a typical human beeing.

Use the roller as much as you like, enjoy yourself by playing taps on your pedalboard, Silex will never change state without you decide it !

Configure your Silex

By default, Silex is configured in single click and buffered bypass modes. To change the initial configuration, remove the cover to access the inside of the pedal, and adapt the configuration using the DIP switch.


Cellular Clipping™ Clean Boost (patented technology)
Gain range : from 0dB to 26dB
Special treatment on the roller surface to get the highest grip level
A special helical index allows to read gain level setting at any time (registered design
Highest grade ultra low noise electronics for optimal use even on high gain amplifiers
Soft switch for confortable and silent activation
Relay True Bypass or Buffered Bypass mode may be configured through an internal switch
Standard simple click activation or double click activation mode to avoid accidental switching, may be configured by an internal switch
Silent switching guaranteed
Aluminum Diecast powder coated
Scratch resistant screen printing
Leadfree circuit – RoHS compliant
Power supply : 9VDC power adapter (center-tip negative polarity)
Power consumption : 40mA max
Dimensions : 126mm x 67mm x 39mm
Weight : 320g
100% conceived and crafted in France
2 years product warranty